What is Individualized Curriculum?

An Individualized Curriculum is a course of study designed specifically for each individual student. In a typical large-class setting with 25-35 pupils, students are forced to work at the pace and intensity of the majority of the group. One student may find the class too slow and rather superficial, another might find the same course too rapid and struggle to master material not fully understood.

Students at Success! Learning Center work in very small groups (usually 3-5 students) with a teacher or teacher aide. Because the instructor has only a few students to monitor, there is plenty of time for personal attention and encouragement. Students receive one-on-one tutoring as needed and progress at their own pace, moving from one level to the next as they are ready.

Students in the group work individually on their own curriculum, which is adjusted as necessary during the course. Thus one student may be working on writing and vocabulary, another on basic math review, and a third improving problem-solving and logic skills. In the high school group a ninth-grader polishing advanced geometry may work next to a tenth-grader practicing SAT analytical skills and a twelfth-grader developing college writing skills.

During the registration process, parents and students discuss their goals for the class. Once the study subjects and any particular needs have been identified, students complete a series of placement tests to identify their specific strengths and weaknesses.

The Director then prepares an individual plan of study for each student, based on their particular needs, learning styles, and interests. She works closely with teachers and aides to ensure that the course of study is successful and to make any necessary adjustments.

Parents and students are an important component of any successful study plan, and their input is welcomed throughout the class.

At the end of the session, a detailed Final Report summarizes the progress achieved by each student and discusses any other pertinent material.